Lucky $50m Powerball winner “can’t get the smile off his face”

One lucky Canberra man has woken up a whopping $50 million richer after taking out Thursday night’s massive Powerball jackpot all to himself.

The man, who is aged in his 30’s, admitted he couldn’t sleep last night after checking his online entry before bed and discovering he was the sole division one winner.

“I haven’t slept a wink,” the man said.


As for what he intends to do with his $50 million fortune, the man said he would first need to let the enormity of his win to sink in.

“I’m dumbfounded. I can’t get the smile off my face.”

The Canberra man’s win is the second largest win by an individual Australian entry so far this year.

The standing record for the largest Powerball win claimed by a single entry in Australia was set in 2016 when one ticket purchased in Hervey Bay won $70 million in Powerball draw 1025.