Lucky Aussie wins ENTIRE $80 million Powerball jackpot!

The hunt is on for the mystery Aussie who has this morning woken up a whopping $80 million richer without even knowing it.

The lucky Lotto player from Victoria held the only division one winning entry in last night’s historic Powerball draw, meaning they’ve taken home the ENTIRE jackpot!

However, officials from The Lott say they’ve been unable to contact the winner to break the life-changing news as they don’t have their contact details.


The Lott spokesperson Lauren Cooney said someone’s life had just changed forever.

“Imagine going to bed tonight not knowing you’ve just won $80 million? That’s the reality for one Victorian player after scoring division one in tonight’s Powerball draw!” she said.

“While the Victoria entry was purchased online, unfortunately, we don’t have their complete contact details, so we are unable to make a mind-blowing phone call to them this evening.

“That is why we are encouraging everyone in Victoria to check their entries because they may be the multi-millionaire we are searching for!

“While we are unable to confirm the win with tonight’s winner, we can guarantee that when they discover the news, it’s sure to be met with a hefty mix of shock and excitement!” Ms Cooney said.

“In addition to seeing the massive $80 million prize land in their bank account, this player also shares the title of Victoria’s biggest individual lottery winner and Australia’s third-biggest lottery winner.”

In addition to the division one winning entry, there were a total of 2,986,866 prizes worth more than $51.55 million won in divisions two to nine.

The winning numbers were 17, 10, 4, 26, 19, 23 and 21, while the all-important Powerball number was 7.