Lucky escape after car ploughs into Gold Coast chemist

A man has managed to escape serious injury after accidentally crashing his car through the front of a Robina chemist.

The vehicle ploughed into Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse at the Robina Supercentre just after midday on Thursday.

The driver, whose age is not known, was treated at the scene for minor injuries.


A Queensland Ambulance spokesperson said he was then taken to a local medical centre in a stable condition.

Thankfully no one else was injured, with all shoppers managing to escape unharmed.

However, the shop is understood to have sustained quite a bit of damage.

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Another non story!

I used to work opposite that chemist , another one doesn’t surprise me, the parking is ridiculous and I am sorry, the amount of older people who should be giving up their licence is astounding, there was a near miss every day. I think this is the 2nd time someone has ploughed through it, time to put bollards up, too many people hitting the accelerator and not watching what they are doing.

No just one better than the new Woollies “direct to boot” campaign.
Direct to Driver.