Lucky Gold Coaster $100,000 richer after surprise scratchie win

A Gold Coast man is planning to renovate his home and travel after winning a whopping $100,000 on an Instant Stratch-It.

The coast retiree scratched the top prize on the $5 scratchie he bought from NewsXpress Nerang Newsagency at Nerang Fair Shopping Centre.

Speaking to a Golden Casket official to claim his prize, the man explained how he slowly discovered he’d scored the top prize.


“Thank you. It’s lovely!” he said. “It was like a comedy of errors. I originally thought I’d scratched nine words and I was so happy with a prize of $10,000.

“Then I counted the words and realised there was another letter I hadn’t scratched yet.

“It was the letter ‘L’ and I can tell you now ‘tile’ is officially my new favourite word!

“Then I realised I’d won the top prize of $100,000. It was unbelievable!”

When asked how he planned to enjoy his instant windfall, the Gold Coast resident had plenty of ideas.

“I’m retired so I’ll certainly be using this to enjoy myself!” he said.

“It means I won’t have to worry about money and I can do some travelling.

“There’s also a few renovations around the home that need to be done!”