Lucky Gold Coaster $250K richer after huge ‘scratchie’ win!

A Gold Coast man is eyeing off some new wheels after scratching the jackpot on his Instant Scratch-it.

The man, from Oxenford, scratched the top prize of $250,000 on the $10 scratchie be bought from newsXpress in Oxenford.

“I bought this ticket myself – I’ve been buying Instant Scratch-Its over the years,” the man said when claiming his prize.


“I actually won $500 a few months ago, which I thought was good. With this one, I thought ‘s##t!’.

PHOTO: Supplied by The Lott | The lucky Instant Scratch-it!

The lucky winner said he didn’t make a lot of noise when he scratched the top prize.

“I was at home and I was trying to keep it together,” he said.

“My main thought was finding some place to put this valuable ticket until I could claim it. I was thinking ‘if the house burns down, where will I put it?’.”

The Gold Coast winner also revealed he planned to use some of his instant windfall to buy a new car.

“I’ve already started car shopping and picked one out!” he exclaimed.