Lucky Gold Coaster wins $1000 every week for 5 years!

Imagine receiving a sneaky $1000 in your bank account every single week for the next five years…

Well, that’s the reality for one lucky Gold Coaster who managed to scratch one of the top prizes on a $5 scratchie!

The mystery winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, bought the lucky scratchie from Pacific Pines Newsagency at the Pacific Pines Shopping Centre.


Owner Jack Xu said he was delighted one of his customers could enjoy life as a top prize winner.

“We were so excited when we discovered one of our customers won a top prize,” he said.

“Hopefully our customer really enjoys being a top prize winner. What an incredible win it is!

“We hadn’t had a major prize win in five years, so we couldn’t be happier.”

Last year, almost 200 people took home a collective $9.7 million after scratching the top prizes on

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