Luggage reappears after being lost for 20 years

WE’VE ALL heard of nightmarish lost luggage tales, when bags go missing at the airport. Often times they turn up. But after 20 years what are the chances?

This week a Tucson woman received such a phone call.

Maria Dellos thought the call was in reference to luggage lost four months ago. Incredibly the bag found was filled with art supplies that vanished two decades ago!


Dellos is a designer and teacher. On Tuesday someone from the Transportation Security Administration or TSA lost and found, at Tucson International Airport called her up.

“Well it’s a handwritten message with my notes and address of 20 years ago,” says Dellos holding a sheet of paper found inside her bag, containing art supplies from a trade show in Las Vegas.

Photo: 20 year old letter - News

Photo: 20 year old letter – News

“I was just absolutely blown away,” said Dellos showing off some of the goods, valued at $600.

How and why the items turned up after all these years remains a mystery.

As for her luggage that went missing four months ago, Dellos says those were returned recently, as well.

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