M1 congested with election promises

The battle lines for the upcoming State election have been drawn, and it looks like they’re straight down the middle of the Gold Coast to Brisbane corridor.

The Government is claiming the Opposition will create a toll on its proposed new motorway, which would run to the east of the M1.

The Government and the Opposition have both promised improvements to congestion on the busiest stretch of highway in the state.


Labor’s promised to improve the current motorway and create extra lanes.

The LNP says they would build a new stretch of highway from Stapylton to Nerang for $500 million, shared between Queensland and the Federal Government.

Pimpama and Coomera | KEY: Red = Existing M1; Yellow = proposed duplicate highway

The Government claims the opposition’s costings are laughable, putting the cost at more than $2 billion.

The ALP says its research shows, based on similar roads, the toll on Tim Nicholls’ proposed new motorway would cost Gold Coast residents $70 a week.