M1 GRIDLOCK: Friday afternoon traffic causing chaos on M1

Motorists heading home from Brisbane this afternoon are being urged to be patient, with Friday traffic causing chaos for drivers.

The congestion begins from the Gateway merge and continues pretty much all the way to Molendinar.

There’s a short reprieve before traffic begins to build again southbound from Robina to Burleigh.


It’s then bumper to bumper northbound from Tugun to Reedy Creek.

According to the Department of Traffic and Main Roads, there’s no known incidents contributing to the delays.

Drivers are being urged to be patient and allow for extra travel time.

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I notice where on ramps enter the M1 that is where the problem occurs because a lot of drivers do not know how to merge properly and / or in a safe way and causes other drivers to brake, which then causes a chain reaction, and may also cause accidents which then cause further problems.
Maybe if the Govt spent some money on a education campaign and enforcement we would have a much better flow of traffic, without the accidents that is caused from that as well.