The M1 Survival Rebate

Sick and tired of reading or watching horrific M1-related road accidents each and every day?

Me too, that’s why I thought I would try and find a solution.

And I think I’ve done it.


The answer came to me this week right in between hanging the washing out and pouring myself a ‘thank god the kids are both asleep’ bourbon (don’t judge me!).

Right away I dismissed any attempt or plan that involved hoping Queenslanders would simply learn to drive better.

Such fiction gets in the way of effective problem solving.

So, how to solve the issue of frequently horrible, sometimes fatal road accidents up and down the M1 without improving driver skill/awareness?

Simple; it is time.

Everyone gets more time.

15 minutes to be precise, for every day you work.

Think of it as an ongoing mini ‘Snow Day’ for the Gold Coast, an M1 Survival Bonus/Rebate.

We all know it is dangerous, and we recognise that so many accidents occur during peak times where congestion and poor decisions driven by time-poor drivers in a rush combine to cause accidents – so let’s take away those poor decisions.

For every shift over 6 hours, every gold coast worked gets an extra 15 minutes of pay, with the theory being that they are effectively being paid to drive to and from work more safely.

To take their time.

To not overtake unnecessarily, to not tail gate, to drive with a level of patience that saves lives, a level of patience and consideration that is currently in abysmally short supply.

Sure there would be those that take the money and still drive like lunatics, but I think vast majority of Gold Coasters would embrace the seven and a half minutes of leeway they have to and from work each day.

As anyone who drives a courtesy bus for a living will tell you, driving ‘on the clock’ as it were offers an amazing insight into how safe drivers can be when time is not an issue.

If Gold Coasters knew that part of their journey was being subsidised then you’d see some mighty careful driving.

To borrow the great Jerry Seinfeld’s joke about racehorses that suddenly become aware they will be killed if they break a leg, it would be a case of ‘you win, ill place, whatever – it’s all the same oat bag fellas’.

Getting businesses to spring 15 mins a day for every worker may seem far-fetched, but they are paying at the moment, just in different ways.

What price for a calmer, happier workforce?

What price for workers frequently turning up on time, not two hours late after being stuck behind a huge accident?