Maccas’ best burger ever says ‘adios’ after just three weeks

In incredibly distressing news for Maccas fans out there, it’s the final day to get your hands on the El Maco range.

Literally (probably) only Ronald McDonald knows why the golden arches have returned their best burger ever for only THREE WEEKS…

But they’re wrapping it up today, and we’re not ok.


After YEARS and YEARS of petitions (seriously, there’s a Facebook page), Maccas had answered our prayers, and brought back the Mexican-themed mouth waterer we’d been begging for.

‘The El Maco is back-o’ – what a slug line… except it’s a lie. The El Maco was only back-o for a limited time-o and I’m crying-yo! (sorry terrible times equal terrible rhymes).

It initially graced our tummies first in the 90’s we think (it’s honestly been ages), and has since made sporadic and not-long-enough returns.

And this has been one of them.

Not long enough, and not good enough maccas. Stick it on the menu full time please and let us get back to our best lives.

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