MACCAS getting deep-fried over ‘healthy changes’ to Happy Meals

The world’s most iconic fast food chain is making changes, and people are very UNhappy about it.

McDonald’s has confirmed the hugely popular Happy Meal is getting a shake-up in a bid to make a more ‘healthy meal’ for kids.

The newly announced Global Happy Meal Goals will, by the end of 2022, ensure at least 50 per cent of the meal combinations have caps of 600 calories. On top of that, just 10 per cent of the calories will come from saturated fat, 10 per cent from added sugar and 650mg sodium.


If you have managed to get through life without ever purchasing a Happy Meal, we’ll give you the rundown: back in the day it came with a cheeseburger, small fries and a small softdrink, plus a collectable toy (usually based around the hit kids’ movie of the time). The aim was to collect the entire set.

In recent years McDonald’s has evolved what’s inside the box by giving the option of chicken nuggets, sliced apple pieces and other drink options.

In a statement released overnight, McDonald’s explains that “today, more customers are choosing water, milk and juice as the beverage of choice in Happy Meals over other beverages in the U.S”.

“As we look to the future, we are fortifying our efforts to make an even bigger difference for families through new Global Happy Meal Goals.

“By 2022, McDonald’s restaurants will add new Happy Meal offerings, reformulate or remove offerings from the Happy Meal section of the menu board to meet these goals.”

Among the changes will be removing cheeseburgers from the standard order, making them only available in Happy Meals if customers request them.

They will also be adding bottled water, cutting the calories and sodium with smaller fries in the 6 piece Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal, and working to reduce the added sugars in chocolate milk.

There could also be the option of something similar to a grilled chicken wrap which was introduced in Italy this year.

The announcement has consumers up in arms with many accusing the chain of taking away their freedom of choice: “You know you are a fast food place right? It’s not supposed to be healthy”; “Why not just make more options? Stop trying to be something other than a fast food restaurant. McDonald’s is a treat, not an everyday meal”.

While others have welcomed the move: “Great job! Keep up the forward thinking. The more we know about nutrition the better decisions we all make.”