Maccas has brought back its best burger ever

McDonalds, McDonalds, McDonalds… we love getting to bring good McDonalds news to you.

As of today, nay, 10.30am this morning, the EL MACO has RETURNED!!!

After YEARS and YEARS of petitions (seriously, there’s a Facebook page), Maccas has listened to our prayers, and brought back the Mexican-themed mouth waterer we’ve been begging for.


The El Maco is back!

It initially graced our tummies first in the early 2000s we think (it’s honestly been ages), and has since made sporadic and not-long-enough returns.

Back it’s back again NOW and come 10.31am, they’ll have likely sold out.

You can get it with beef or crispy or grilled chicken, with the legendary spicy (but not too spicy) taco sauce, paired with sour cream and you can throw in some CRISPY JALAPENOS for good measure.

For those 17/18 year olds that likely have no idea what we’re talking about because you weren’t even BORN yet during the El Maco era, get on down to a Maccas and change your life.