Maccas has made up for its April Fools’ blunder

McDonald’s is obviously trying REALLY hard to get back into our hearts, after the cruelest joke imaginable on April Fools’ Day.

The beloved fast food restaurant introduced the McPickle, a burger so perfectly stuffed with pickles, pickles and more pickles, that the internet basically broke.

But then, so did our hearts, when they took it away just as quickly with the one sad comment: “Available until yesterday”. *Cue, river of tears*


They’ve obviously gone into overdrive trying to regain the favour of pickle-lovers everywhere, and while an ACTUAL McPickle still hasn’t been announced (we’ll wait, it’s fine), they’ve more than tied us over.

Introducing… the limited edition… Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello McFlurry!

So. much. YES!

Easter’s here, chocolate’s here, Caramello also has some great qualities. It’s magic.

Well done Maccas, you’ve redeemed yourself.

Note: still waiting on the McPickle at the time of writing.

PHOTO | Screenshot from McDonald’s AU website.