Maccas is giving away FREE BURGERS tomorrow!

Oh Maccas, ohhhh Maccas, how do you ALWAYS know the way to our hearts?

Of course, it’s through our stomachs, of course, but how do you just nail it each and every time? Just stop being so perfect.

International Burger Day is tomorrow, and we’re ready for your celebration gift.



Not just a throw-away hamburger, not just a fillet o’ fish, not even the cheeky cheeseburger.

The Quarter Pounder. For free, for us.

250,000 burgers will be given out around the country as a celebration of one of the best ‘International Days’ of the year (according to us).

Sure there’s a tiny catch… which is just a slight detail… not even major and still completely free: you have to sign up to the ‘MyMaccas’ app.

Your free burger bar code will show up in the ‘My Rewards’ part of the app from 5.00am AEST tomorrow morning.

Also – thanks to Maccas’ new and improved burger cooking technique revealed last week, the free Quarter Pounder pattie will be “hotter, juicier and tastier” than ever *drool*.

What a day!