Macca’s launches drool-worthy new McFlurry flavour

Try to stay calm, but McDonald’s has just launched one heck of a new McFlurry flavour inspired by our friends across the ditch.

Say hello to the Cookie Time McFlurry – which, as the name suggests, features crumbly pieces of much-loved New Zealand biscuit brand, Cookie Time.

The limited-edition McFlurry is also filled with swirls of chocolate sauce and everyone’s favourite soft-serve ice-cream.


It comes after Macca’s yesterday teased customers about the mouth-watering concoction.

“Something big is coming to Macca’s – give us your best guesses! And before you say bubblegum, this is a McFlurry collab Australia’s never seen before – one for all our Kiwi friends!” the company said in a post on Facebook.

But there’s a catch, you won’t be able to simply walk into your local McDonalds and order one of these bad boys over the counter today as they’re only available through the Uber Eats App.

However, from March 3, we will be able to get our hands on the Cookie Time McFlurry at all Macca’s stores across the country.

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