Maccas launches summer with a brand new McFlurry flavour

Hold the press, phone, door and more, the world has to stop for a second because Maccas is bringing out a new McFlurry!!!

The gods of the golden arches have decided it’s time to mix it up for summer, and they’re kicking it off with a TIM TAM MCFLURRY.

It’s a menu item worthy of a red carpet rollout, but we’re being told this is just the beginning.


Maccas is launching a couple of months worth of menu items and collaborations in what’s been dubbed the biggest summer campaign yet.

Our only question is: if we’ve STARTED with the Tim Tam McFlury… my, oh my, what is next?!

“At Macca’s, we believe great combinations make summer so special, whether that’s sun and surf, friends and family, or TimTam and McFlurry,” Marketing Director Tim Kenward said.

“We’re so excited to kick-start our summer campaign by introducing one of our most iconic flavour combinations, giving Aussies a delicious dessert to enjoy with loved ones this summer.”

Tim Tam McFlurry begins from December 1 and will last through to February.

Apparently, it’s actually already exclusively available from Uber Eats.