Maccas unveils another drool-worthy item on new chicken menu

McDonald’s has dropped a new menu item this week, and we’re prepared to spend a ‘limited time’ gorging on it.

The chicken ‘schnitty’ burger is now available at stores across the country, paying homage to the Aussie pub fav.

PHOTO | Maccas


It’s part of the fast food giant’s expansive new chicken menu, with all items only available for a limited time.

Of course we’d already met the chicken parmi (parma, maccas come on) burger, the McPieces and the Chicken Salt Shaker Fries.

They’ve been on a roll lately with the new menu items, also unveiling a DONUT BALL MCFLURRY to the Uber Eats Menu.

They’re unstoppable. Maccas, ILY.