Raceday Fashion

Magic Millions Racewear Forecast

Thoroughbreds aside, the stakes are always high trackside with respect to racewear fashion. To look and feel like a winner is to be a winner, so what will be on-trend on track at the 2017 Jeep Magic Millions Carnival?

Fresh as a Daisy – Florals

A perennial favourite. They always look fresh, especially when they feature on a pale background of white or pastel tones in the warmer months. Opting for bolder toned florals or even print clashing with say, stripes or spots, within the same colour family, will ensure you’re no wallflower and any onlooker will know you’ve got your finger on the fashion pulse.

No excess baggage!

A tube of lippy, a little cash and your mobile phone. That’s all we need to take on our outing to the races! Forget the handbag and opt for the clutch to keep your silhouette slick and hassle free.


Colour clashing and print-mixing makes an outfit interesting rather than taking the more predictable and traditional, matchy-matchy approach of fashion eras past.

Racing Stripes

Stripes have been a significant trend for spring/summer 2016 and the good news is there is no sign of them fading into the background in 2017.

Stripes can be daunting at first thought but knowing how to embrace them for your body shape will have you crossing the finishing line ahead of the pack, like a true champion.

Vertical stripes are always going to be lengthening and will give the grand illusion of added height, even sans high heel. Horizontal lines are perfect for balancing out pear shaped bodies when worn on the top half of the body, or for the broad-shouldered type, wear them on the bottom half to bring the body back to hourglass proportions.

Shoe Business

Kate Middleton catapulted the nude shoe into main stream popularity when she sashayed out in her L.K Bennett Sledge Nude Pumps a few years back and well, it hasn’t waned since.

Colour matching footwear to skin tone, regardless of heel height, immediately (just like magic of the fairy-tale kind!) lengthens a woman’s leg length…and what woman on this mortal coil doesn’t want that? The onlooker’s eye travels seamlessly all the way to the tip of the toe, without a break in colour. Think nudes and metallics.

A block heel will give desirable stability for a day on your feet, as will ankle straps; they are on point, however, be wary of dark or bold colour, thick ankle straps unless you have colt-like pins or you may crop that leg length.

A statement heel is divine for lifting an otherwise simple or minimalistic look, either by way of a bold colour, pattern or intricate style.

Let’s leave the chunky heeled, platform sandal for other occasions and keep it slim-line, elegant and classy for your day at the races.

She’ll Be All White

Keep your cool in crisp white this summer. Take it head to toe or add nude or metallic accessories. If you have a penchant for a bold shade, then throw it back with a crisp white ensemble to keep your visual cool.

Smouldering Shoulders

A shoulder peek-a-boo, even if just one shoulder, is sleek and subtly sexy – subtlety being the key to keeping it chic, because you want to keep it classy all the way, at the races.

Stay Ahead of the Pack – Millinery

We know a headpiece is a must to complete a racewear look! Almost anything goes, from headbands to fascinators and, of course, to broad-brimmed hats, however, for those wishing to make a statement and be seen, opting for the unconventional is your best bet. Thinking outside the square (or circle!) when it comes to shapes, textures and materials will make for a showstopper. Metal, leather, Perspex and PVC have all found their striking place on the heads of the head turners. Veiling, stiffened lace and the sweet boater hat will take their place too.

Sublime Structure

Structural or tailored geometry on the body creates interesting lines that both appeal aesthetically to the onlooker and do the right thing by a woman’s body shape when worn well. Asymmetrical lines can draw the eye to parts of the body we are happier with and carve through or dissect parts of the body we’d prefer to downplay.


It’s not just about the women when it comes to fashion on the field! Gentlemen’s fashion game is strong and it takes just as much attention to detail to get it right.

No matter how much cash you part with for your suit, the fit must be perfect. Leave the saggy and baggy on the rack and look for a good fit across the shoulders, the right sleeve length and a pant without excessive pleats and gathers. Factor in taking your suit to your local alterations specialist for the essential tweaks, rather than take an “it’ll do” approach. Add the waist coat for a cultured touch.

Accessories are as important for men as they are for women…shoes should be clean, polished and on trend. White shoes are never ok for the boys! Brown shoes with black suiting is a fashion faux pas as well. A tie or bow-tie is essential and thought should go into the co-ordination of shirt, tie and pocket-square. Successful print clashing lies in keeping it in the colour family.

Leave sports watches and action-adventure style sunglasses at home. A classic black or brown sunglass, aviator or fashion spectacle will reek of class!

Hats are both traditional and stylish for men. Keep it seasonally appropriate though and keep the heavier fabrics, like felts and wools, for the cooler months.

What Women Want….to Avoid!

No woman wants to draw the attention of the fashion police and there are a few unwritten rules when it comes to trackside fashion, even on the relaxed, but glamourous Gold Coast!

Dresses shorter than three inches above the knee are best left for the Gold Coast after dark. Necklines plunging below the middle of the bust-line belong there too and while we’re at it, let’s leave shorts of all descriptions and lengths for the beach.

Go au naturale before being tempted by a Trump-toned spray tan. Even an untrained eye can tell they’re unnatural and if it’s a hot and humid day (likely), it will result in one streaky, sticky, hot-mess.

Avoid the temptation to play up all facial features, rather, choose to accentuate one only, either your eyes or your lips, to nail a chic race day make up look.

Chipped manis and pedis instantly discount even the most fabulous of outfits so attend to nails, cuticles and any cracked heels in advance of the day.

At day’s end, no matter how sore your feet are, taking your heels off to go bare foot is never, ever, ever ok! Did I say ever? Carry spare sticking plasters, gel pads or even a pair of sandal flats if you forecast pain and remember, taking your shoes off when they’re causing you grief, makes it so much more unbearable putting them back on when you need to.

The best fashion advice for any woman though is to dress for your body shape first and then embrace the trends. You’re far less likely to get it wrong and you’ll be on the receiving end of delightful compliments that will leave you feeling like a real race day winner!

Have fun and stay chic at the track!

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This article was authored by Louise Chambers and originally appeared in 2017 Magic Millions Magazine. It has been republished with permission.