Main Beach hosts National Tree Day event

Thousands of trees have already been planted for Planet Ark’s National Tree Day, which is Sunday.

You can head to Seaworld Drive at Main Beach from 8:00am, where the Friends of Federation Walk group’s organised a planting.

For more on the Gold Coast event click here.


This year in Queensland, it is expected that more than 28,000 participants will dig in at 57 public sites, 16 private sites and 387 schools around the state.

Planet Ark’s latest research shows that spending time in nature has medically and scientifically beneficial effects that enable people to grow healthier, happier, brighter, calmer and closer , and there’s no better way to embrace these benefits than by taking part in Planet Ark’s iconic twenty-one year environmental campaign.

National Tree Day is a fulfilling opportunity to do something good for the environment and benefit from positive health and wellbeing outcomes. Participants will unite with thousands of generous, green-minded individuals to reconnect with nature, enjoy and protect Australia’s unique natural environment.

Participants can join a local site run in their community or even register to plant in their own backyard, courtyard or balcony garden.

Debbie Agnew, National Tree Day Manager, says this year’s National Tree Day theme, Grow More – Just Add Nature, highlights how we can use the power of nature to help us reach our full potential in all aspects of our lives.

“Research shows that we are becoming increasingly disconnected from the natural world, yet spending time in nature induces positive feelings such as relaxation, calmness, self-worth and enjoyment through a number of physiological mechanisms, including activating the brain’s dopamine reward system,” she says.

“In this digital age, Planet Ark is encouraging everyone to take 10 minutes each day outside and connect with nature. Participating in a National Tree Day activity in your community, workplace, school or backyard is a great way to reconnect with the world around us.”

Last year nearly 300,000 people took part at over 3,500 sites across the country, planting more than 1.2 million native trees, shrubs and edibles and helping to green urban areas.

To find out more visit, call the Hotline on 1300 88 5000.