Major burn-off underway around Hinze Dam

A MAJOR two-week long hazard reduction burn is currently underway near Hinze Dam in preparation for the summer ahead.

The burn is coordinated with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Queensland Police, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services, the City of Gold Coast and residents living near the burn area and will take place over a 14 day period.

Recreation areas are not expected to be affected, although smoke may drift and be visible in surrounding areas.


Click here to view the map outlining the planned burn area.

To reduce the effects of smoke, avoid hanging washing out to dry during the burn period, stay indoors and close windows and doors.

If you have a health condition, follow the treatment plan provided by your doctor and if you are asthmatic, follow your asthma plan and carry reliever medication with you at all times.

Please be advised smoke can stay around for up to a week after a planned burn.

Please follow signage and direction of Seqwater staff.

If you would like more information about the Hinze planned burn, please contact Seqwater on 1800 771 497 or email and keep an eye on recreation and safety notices, should conditions to recreation change.