Major clean-up underway on Gold Coast following deluge

A massive clean up is underway on the Gold Coast this morning following a number of days of wild weather across the city.

Council has already launched into action, with heavy machinery brought in to clear the large amount of debris across the region.

“We’ve got a number of crews out today cleaning up… There is a fair amount of debris which has washed down our waterways, some of which has washed up on our beaches, so they will be busy over the next couple of days,” City of Gold Coast’s Infrastructure Director Alton Twine told myGC.


Mr Twine said the main debris which has washed up on our shores includes trees and branches, with a few landslips also causing some dramas.

However, he confirmed the city does appear to have escaped relatively unharmed.

“Look the city has faired reasonably well through this rain event, it’s only been fairly minor damage, there’s nothing really outstanding,” Mr Twine said.

Scarping on the beaches is also quite minimal, with the city having prepared for weather events like this for quite some time.

“It has only been minor scarping and that’s due to a number of things… The energy in the storm event and the way that the wind and waves were interacting with the coastline was part of it,” Mr Twine said.

“But the Council has invested significantly in our dunes putting a lot of sand into our beaches, we’ve done a lot of sea wall reconstruction as well.

“And also with our annual dredging and sand replenishment operations it has really ensured we’ve got enough sand in the system and we saw that in the storm, where we see waves breaking on the outer banks and expending that energy before it really hit the coastline hard, so it worked really well for us.”

Council will continue doing damage assessments over the next couple of days as the city works against the clock in the lead up to the festive season, which is expected to see an influx of tourists to the region.

In some good news, the Bureau of Meteorology has also issued a final flood warning for the Gold Coast, with no further flooding expected in our rivers and creeks.