Major events tipped to return to the Gold Coast by mid-year

The Gold Coast Mayor has hinted we could be just about back to normal by the second half of the year, in terms of major events.

It comes after a year of cancelled and rescheduled events around the world, which has hit the tourism economy of the Gold Coast particularly hard.

While we’ve had a bumper summer season, it’s no where near what we need to rebuild our $6 billion industry which was easily halved over 2020.


But the Gold Coast Mayor has today offered a glimmer of hope, hinting that major events could be pretty much back to normal within a few months.

“It is a moving target, before the latest outbreak in Brisbane, I would have said that by April we’d be good.

“Because I’m planning major events to happen in the second half of this year; the Guns N Roses and that sort of style of events.

“I’m planning that we want to get back to that and book more acts, and we are negotiating.

“I’d say with the information in front of me right now, if it’s unchanged, from the second half of this year we should get back to normality.

“In the sense of 75 percent capacity,” the Mayor said.

It follows the latest cancelled Council event, with the Australia Day celebrations at Broadwater Parklands having to be scaled back due to coronavirus restrictions.

“We are very cautious still, especially with the new highly infectious UK strain,” Mayor Tate said.

“The city has done so well, we want to go and celebrate Australia Day but without having any coronavirus outbreak.”

Council is instead hosting outdoor movie events at the Broadwater Parklands, screening an Aussie classic each night from now through to Australia Day next Tuesday.

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