Major Gold Coast hinterland road could be closed for up to 2 years

Repairs on a major Gold Coast hinterland road that suffered a massive landslip could take up to two years.

Transport and Main Roads Queensland has admitted the situation on Gold Coast-Springbrook Road is far worse than they originally thought.

The road was completely covered with dangerous rockfalls during the recent deluge in March and has been closed since.


“The damage is worse than we’d expected,” TMR Queensland posted on Facebook.

“While it’s too early to say exactly, we need to prepare for the closure to be in place for another 18 months to 2 years.”

It’s a massive blow for hinterland residents, with the road being a main access point between Springbrook and the rest of the city – forcing residents to take a lengthy alternate route.

Image: Transport and Main Roads Queensland Facebook

Emergency works have begun on the road, with more assessments to be made once the area is stabilised.

“The reconstruction will involve major activities to remove loose rocks and undertake stabilisation works,”

“A side track isn’t possible due to the geotechnical constraints of the site and the sheer extent of the damage.”

Access to and from Springbrook will be maintained via Pine Creek Road.