Major infrastructure projects to be brought forward to boost jobs

The Prime Minister has made another major announcement today, in the pursuit of boosting the economy during the coronavirus crisis.

The new $1.5 billion agreement between the federal government and state governments will bring forward a number of shovel-ready infrastructure projects around the country.

Scott Morrison says there are a number of projects that are ready to go, and around 15 major projects, including new dams, rail and road projects.


This includes the Inland rail from Melbourne to Brisbane, the link between Tasmania and Victoria, Olympic Dam Extension in South Australia, emergency town water projects in New South Wales and road, rail and iron ore projects in Western Australia,” Mr Morrison said.

More than $1 billion is being made available to help get the projects off the ground, which are tipped to create around 66,000 jobs.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the approval times for projects is being dramatically shortened, so that the economy can get moving on creating jobs.

At the end of 2019, approval decisions to 90 days on average. Today, they take 40.

“That is what we’ve achieved this year in 2020. Our goal is to cut these times by a further 25% by the end of this year and get it down to 34 major projects.

“Ultimately our objective is the streamlining of Commonwealth and state processes to appoint of single touch approvals, National Cabinet has had already early discussions on how we can achieve this objective and there is already, I can assure you, a high level of interest and engagement and indeed even agreement,” Mr Morrison said.

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As I have said before the Gold Coast continues to allow huge developments without thinking about the infra structure – when is the Council going to address this growing problem???

Mayor Tate has referred to this as gathering low hanging fruit, translation, no council infrastructure required just allow, knock down 6 houses, allow 110 unit high rise on the same area, 18 times rateable premises, Infrastructure is not only roads, water, sewerage, there has to be a balance with additional parks, sports field, low hanging fruit is a short term solution, long term just kicking the can down the road.