MAJOR RECALL: Over 40,000 Subaru vehicles recalled

Subaru owners are being warned of a major recall affecting more than 40,000 vehicles around the country.

The recall, issued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission today, involves Subaru Liberty and Outback vehicles with model years 2010 – 2014.

According to the recall notice, there’s issues with the vehicle’s electronic park brakes.


“If the electronic parking brake (EPB) circuit board fractures, the warning light will illuminate and the EPB cannot be applied or released. If this happens, the vehicle may be in breach of the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for motor vehicles,” the notice reads.

“If the electronic parking brake cannot be applied or released, it can result in an increased risk of injury to the vehicle occupants and other road users.”

The consumer watchdog says affected owners will be contacted by mail to present their vehicle to their preferred Subaru dealer for the rectification work to be carried out free of charge.

To see if your vehicle is on the recall list, click here.

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Keep it simple stupid!
Why did any engineer think we needed electronic park brakes. The cable lever has worked perfectly for so many years. Just another example of technology being a backward step for users.

Electronic park brake? How cheap and nasty and prone to future failure.
Give me a cable anyday.

What the hell is going on with this cars put together properly so this s*** dont happen and get rid of the electric brake and make it a proper handbrake the should be made in AUSTRALIA!

Automatic cars and good old cable brakes are good for doing drifts and skids but, electric brake failure? What’s the use of the ‘park’ gear in the gear box when you don’t feel like pulling up the hand brakes and find that your car is still moving (when in park gear)? That wouldn’t be nice when you got a $50000 car…