Major sporting codes unite to boost gender pay equality

Australia’s leading sports organisations have joined forces to boost gender pay equality in the sporting industry.

The Male Champions of Change (MCC) Sport today released their “Pathway to Pay Equality”, which details the specific actions needed to close the gender pay gap.

The specific actions include, paying athletes on a per hour basis depending on the unit of work, whether it be training or media appearances, in order to level out the pay inequalities.


As well as the pay overhaul, the report has also recommended disclosing all salaries in sport.

Broadcasters will be required to do more to build the profile of women in sport.

The significant joint initiative is believed to be the first time that leaders of competing sporting codes and clubs have united on the issue.

Signatories include the CEOs of NRL, AFL, Football Federation Australia, rugby, cricket, basketball and other sports.

All the signatories have committed to evaluate and report on their performance annually to ensure they accelerate progress towards pay equality over the next five years.

Founder and Convenor of MCC Sport, Elizabeth Broderick, says it’s important this equality is achieved.

“Sport plays a critical role in Australia’s economy, national identity, social cohesion and community well-being.

“Yet equal pay – the most visible manifestation of a genuine commitment to equality – still remains out of reach for elite women athletes across many sports.

“We believe the inter-connected steps outlined in the report provide the pathway to gender equality and delivering equal pay in sport,” Ms Broderick said.

CEO of Sport Australia Kate Palmer says we have a unique opportunity to be a global leader here.

“Many of our elite women athletes are among the most successful on the world stage.

“As a sports-loving nation, we are championing a system-wide re-set in the way we support, pay and reward our female athletes.

“The benefits to our economy, our community and our athletes will be exponential,” Ms Palmer said.

Check out the full report here.