Major websites back online after widespread outage overnight

News sites around the world are now back online this morning after a major outage took down media heavyweights overnight.

Australian sites such as The Guardian, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Channel 10, 10 Play and Nine experienced issues as a result of the crash.

While international platforms such as Amazon, Reddit, Netflix and Pinterest went down, alongside The New York Times, Financial Times, the BBC and CNN.


When it first happened, no one was sure exactly what had happened, with some guessing it may have been a large coordinated attack.

However, it’s since been confirmed that the outage was caused by ‘Fastly’, an American data centre provider.

Those who were affected are still being warned that customers could still have issues throughout today, as techs work to fully fix the problem.

Other sites that crashed include The Verge, Bloomberg, 7Plus, the White House and the UK government’s website, Twitch PayPal, Spotify and Shopify.