Malcolm Turnbull announces new plan to solve citizenship debacle

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced all federal MPs will have to disclose their citizenship status to Parliament.

Mr Turnbull told a news conference on Monday that all MPs and Senators will be required to submit a declaration of their citizenship.

The PM stressed that the requirement was not an audit, but it would simply provide a solution to the dual-citizenship problems which have plagued parliament over the past few months.


“This is not an audit. The obligation is on each member and each senator to make a full disclosure as I have repeatedly said in recent times,” Mr Turnbull said.

Once parliament approves the measure, politicians will have to make the declaration within 21 days.

“Memebers and Senators have been put squarely on notice now,” the prime minister said.

“I  think it is important for people to be alert to this and start getting prepared.”