Malcolm Turnbull’s energy policy gets through first hurdle

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says his National Energy Guarantee has gotten “overwhelming support” from his Coalition colleagues, despite Tony Abbott objecting to the scheme in a two-hour long closed door meeting.

Mr Abbott, who was ousted as Prime Minister by Mr Turnbull in 2015, refused to back the the NEG in the Coalition party room today.

At this stage, he hasn’t ruled out walking across the floor and voting against the program.


The Prime Minister brushed allegations about a lack of support from “five to ten” of his colleagues aside, saying there was a “good debate” in the party room.

“The National Energy Guarantee policy objective is cheaper and more reliable energy, while at the same time meeting our commitments to reduce emissions in accordance to the Paris agreement,” he said.

Minister for the Enviroment and Energy Josh Frydenberg will now work with the various State and Territory Governments to outline the scheme.

“We’re having telephone hook-up this evening with the states, after which, consistent with their agreement at last Friday’s meeting, the draft exposure of state ledges will be released for comment for a period of a month – and that’s a statutory requirement – and then any necessary amendment also be made,” he said.

Queensland has held off fully committing to the scheme, with the Palaszczuk Government saying they won’t “sign up to a blank piece of paper” earlier this month.

Today, Annastacia Palaszczuk said they need to review the plans.

“We, in principle, support the NEG but what we want to see is the legislation, let’s be frank – we’re not going to sign up to something we haven’t seen,” she said.