Does your male doctor deserve 50% more pay than a woman?

I’m going to be honest: I don’t normally give too much thought to the Gender Pay Gap.

I’m too busy working and parenting and folding washing and arranging dates with friends and paying bills and doing the millions of other things I do each day, to worry about how much I earn relative to others.

However. Sometimes I read something that makes me pay attention. And this week, it was a review of the highest paid jobs in Australia. Mamamia has done some research on the 50 highest paid jobs in Australia for men and women, below.


Firstly, I was shocked at how little some medical professionals make. I thought all doctors took home mid-to-high six-figure salaries – after all of those years of studying and with someone else’s life in their hands (quite literally!) I felt they deserved it.

But I was more shocked at the ridiculous pay disparity between men and women.

Take an anaesthetist. After a dozen years of studying and training, a male anaesthetist can expect to earn $370k. A female doing the same job will take home $243k.

For doing the same job.

His pay is 50% higher than her pay. Even though they both did the same amount of training and studying, pay the same amount for insurance, work the same hours and have the same level of experience.

Same goes with an obstetrician. He earns $446k. She earns $264k. So he earns almost double her income, and he doesn’t even have a vagina!

On what planet does this make sense? Whatever you do for a living, can you imagine finding out someone else doing the exact same job made 50-70% more than you, for something as arbitrary as their gender?

It’s mind-boggling. In fact, it turns out this who ‘gender pay gap’ scandal deserves more of my attention than I thought.

High Paying Jobs