Man who abused children in toy sections has sentence reduced

A man jailed for sexually assaulting more than 70 children at Perth shopping centres has had his sentence reduced by the Court of Appeal.

The serial predator was originally jailed for 16-and-a-half years, however today had his sentenced reduced to 12 years after his lawyers successfully argued the lengthy term didn’t give him any hope to rehabilitate, ABC news reports.

The 50-year-old used his mobile phone to film himself abusing young girls in the toy section of department stores.


He pleaded guilty to more than 120 charges last year.

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Sorry, but put the mothers and fathers on the jury, or people like me who abhor the fact that these things are happening to our children by paedophiles, and we’ll give him what he (and others) really deserve. LIFE, with no parole. They honestly think he will rehabilitate? I doubt it very much. It’s not like he only did it a few times (which is bad enough) but he did it to more than 70 children!

Pleaded guilty to more that 120 charges? This poor excuse for a human needs his sentence increased not reduced! He is a serial offender who has not sought help and continued to offend again and again…