Man accused of hiring hitman to take out Gold Coast woman’s ex found not guilty

The man accused of hiring a hitman to take out a Gold Coast woman’s ex husband has been found not guilty in court this morning.

Steven William Gordon allegedly offered two men $50,000 and a gun to kill the ex-husband of Theresa Dalton in 2009, during a bitter divorce battle.

During the trial the two men that Gordon allegedly hired, Jason Robinson and his cousin Robert Lorey, told the court that they never intended to go through with the murder of Malcolm Stewart.


Mr Robinson told the court Gordon had contacted him after he was released from prison in 2009.

“He asked me if I wanted to make some money.

“It was [for] a female friend of his that was going through a divorce – a messy divorce,” the court heard.

Mr Robinson was allegedly told to make the shooting look like it was a home invasion gone wrong.

It was then alleged that Mr Robinson and Mr Lorey agreed to carry out the murder for half the money to be paid upfront.

They then went to the Upper Coomera unit of Malcolm Stewart to scope it out, and ended up breaking into the empty unit, and stealing 23 guns.

It’s understood Mr Robinson then told Gordon that they wouldn’t carry out the killing, which was allegedly the last contact they had with Gordon.

A jury took less than 24 hours to find Mr Gordon not guilty of attempting to procure the commission murder.