Man accused of murdering a young Gold Coast mother has matter heard in court

The ex-bikie accused of running his former partner off the road before bashing her to death while she was trapped in the vehicle has faced court.

Lionel James Patea, 24, made a brief appearance via video link at the Southport Magistrates Court  to be formally charged both the murder of mother-of-one Tara Brown.

Patea said “yes sir” when asked if he understood the charges and the matter was then adjourned until November 11.


EARLIER: THE man accused of running the young mother of his child and bashing her to within an inch of her life is expected to front court on Wednesday morning.

Lionel Patea, 24, has been charged with the murder of Tara Brown after a horrific incident last week.

Patea is alleged to have used a cast iron fire hydrant cover to repeatedly hit Ms Brown in the face as the 24-year-old lay trapped in a car which Patea is accused of having earlier forced off the road.

Ms Brown died the following day from her injuries after her life support was turned off.

Patea was formally charged at bedside hearing in hospital last week after sustaining self-inflicted stab wounds to his abdomen.

Patea has also been charged with breaching a domestic violence order and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

His appearance at Southport Magistrates Court comes amid reports he has been placed in protective custody for his own safety in prison.