Man accused of stalking, sexually assaulting women at NSW shopping centre

A 21-YEAR-OLD man accused of stalking and attacking women at a Sydney shopping centre has been refused bail.

The man is accused of targeting three women at the Top Ryde Shopping Centre in the city’s northwest.

It’s alleged the predator first struck in February this year, targeting a 24-year-old woman in the female toilets.


Police say the woman was on the toilet when the man allegedly walked in and starred at her over the cubicle wall.The man ran from the toilets after the woman screamed.

The terrified woman let out an ear-piercing scream, causing the man to run out of the female toilets.

The accused predator went quiet for a while before allegedly striking again twice in one day last month.

It was on Saturday 19 August when the man allegedly stalked a 29-year-old woman as she made her way through the same shopping centre and to the women’s toilets.

Police say the man is captured on CCTV waiting nearby before following the woman again as she left the toilets.

A short time later, the man allegedly followed a second 41-year-old woman as she left the shopping centre.

The man is accused of following the woman as she walked along Parkes and Bowden Streets before he allegedly grabbed her around the neck from behind and tried dragging her into bushes on Victoria Road.

Police say the woman managed to break free from the man’s grip after kicking him in the groin.

She was forced to put up a fight and keep kicking and punching the man after he allegedly tried grabbing her again.

He eventually gave up and ran away from the scene, leaving the terrified woman to call police from her mobile.

Following investigations, the 21-year-old man was this morning arrested by detectives at an industrial estate at Smithfield.He was taken to Ryde Police Station and charged with five

He was taken to Ryde Police Station and charged with five offences including detain for advantage, indecent assault, and three counts of stalking/intimidation and cause fear of physical harm.

The 21-year-old appeared in Burwood Local Court today where he was formally refused bail after being described by a magistrate as a danger to the community.