Man allegedly committed ‘obscene act’ in car while filming female shopper

A MAN has been charged after he allegedly committed an obscene act in his car while filming a woman in a shopping centre car park.

Police said the incident occurred whilst the 39-year-old was sitting in a parked vehicle at a shopping centre in Byford, Perth around 11.55am on Sunday.

“It will be alleged the man used a handheld video recorder to film a woman entering and exiting the shopping centre and loading her shopping into her car,” Western Australia Police said in a statement.


“It is further alleged during the filming he committed an obscene act in his vehicle.”

The man was arrested at the scene and charged with Obscene Acts in Public.

He is due to appear before the Armadale Magistrates Court on 23 March.

Police say further analysis of electronic storage devices owned by the man is ongoing.