Man arrested at Sydney Airport, busted trying to import 20kg of steroids

A man has been charged after he was busted attempting to illegally import about 20 kilograms of steroids through Sydney International Airport.

The 45-year-old was caught out after Australian Border Force officers targeted him for a baggage examination after arriving from Thailand on 13 November.

During their examination, officers x-rayed one of the man’s bags and found anomalies in music equipment and board games.


The items were deconstructed revealing a white powder. Initial testing returned a positive result for Trenbolone – a powerful type of anabolic steroid which is used as a veterinary medicine to increase muscle mass in livestock.

About 15 kilograms of Trenbolone was found during the baggage examination. A further five kilograms was located within water filters during a targeted air cargo search.

The man has been charged with importing prohibited tier 1 goods, which carries a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment or a fine not exceeding $180,000 or both.

He has been bailed to appear before Downing Centre Local Court on 13 December.