Man attacked in crazy road rage incident outside Gold Coast school

A MAN who stopped his car to allow children to cross the road near a Gold Coast school this afternoon has been attacked in a crazy road rage incident.

A police spokesperson has confirmed police were called to the scene on Mole Avenue, Southport – near Southport State High school.

Initial information indicates the victim stopped his car to allow the children to cross the road when a man in the car behind became agitated.


It’s believed the offender drove into the rear of the car in front a number of times before exiting his vehicle and striking the victim with his fist.

A witness to the incident told us the victim of the assault was stopped at a designated crossing waiting for the children to cross when the offender began “ramming” his car from behind which subsequently pushed him onto crossing.

Another witness said the aggressor was “screaming and driving his car over the central strip”, almost running down the victim before taking off in Mole Ave and nearly slamming into another car.

There are reports police have managed to track down the offender who initially fled the scene.