Man busted driving more than 50km over speed limit in Gold Coast wildlife zone

An alleged serial hoon has copped a hefty fine and lost eight demerit points after he was busted driving his high powered ute 53 km over the speed limit in a well marked wildlife zone on the Gold Coast.

The 45-year-old was intercepted over the weekend after Elanora Police Beat detectives recorded him doing 113 km/h in a 60 zone on Tallebudgera Connection Road.

Police said that when they asked the driver if he had any reason for his speed, he told them that he had “come out to the area to test the vehicle after it had been repaired by his mechanic.”


“Travelling at twice the nominated speed limit is unacceptable regardless of whether it is a wildlife zone or not, and colliding with wildlife at that speed could potentially cause a fatality,” police said in a statement.

To make matters worst, the same vehicle had previously been reported twice to police for hooning offences over the past month.

The driver was issued with a fine for $1218 and lost eight demerit points and is further liable for a six month high speed suspension notice.

Police said local residents have been liaising with officers about the ongoing speeding and hooning issues occurring in the area raising concerns because of safety of other road users including motorists, cyclists and horses as well as a high population of Koalas and also Kangaroos.

Patrols of the thoroughfare will continue and police are asking motorists to take caution and pay attention to the numerous signs in place along the roadway.