Man busted hiding in boat at Gold Coast border checkpoint

A man has been fined $4003 fine after being caught hiding in a boat at a Gold Coast border checkpoint.

Police stopped a car towing a boat at the Miles St checkpoint in Coolangatta on Saturday after it was found to be unregistered and uninsured.

Officers searched the vehicle and the boat, finding a 25-year-old man lying down in the vessel.


Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler says the Beaudesert man could have simply got a border pass, but didn’t bother.

“What had happened is him and his brother had been to the Tweed area fishing and the unfortunate thing here is that man would have actually been eligible to apply for a border pass but he chose not to and he chose to hide in the vessel,” Chief Superintendent Wheeler told the ABC.

“So he was issued a $4003 infringement notice for breaching the CHO direction and also he got a $400 traffic infringement notice for not wearing a seatbelt.

“So unfortunately for him it was an expensive exercise and he concedes he made a big mistake.”

Meantime Police concede that delays at border checkpoints yesterday were among the worst they’ve seen.

Thousands of people attempted to get into Queensland from mid-morning, with long queues right throughout the rest of the day.

“We did see some huge delays yesterday afternoon, unfortunately. It did get to 90 minutes on the M1 yesterday afternoon, which is probably equal to the peak we had back in July,” Chief Superintendent Wheeler said.

“That traffic stretch back through the tunnel, it moved, but it moved very slowly.

“It just reflects the amount of people who are now eligible to come in.”