Man busted with $145K of ‘undeclared currency’ in suitcase

A MAN has been caught with more than $145,000 in undeclared currency hidden in his luggage.

The 40-year-old was busted with the cash after he was selected for a baggage examination by Australian Border Force officers when departing Sydney Airport bound for Dubai on 21 October.

Officers said $45,000 in cash was first found in the man’s hand luggage before an ABF currency detection dog gave a positive reaction to the man’s two checked bags, which contained a further $100,200.


ABF officers referred the man to the Australian Federal Police who seized the cash pending proof of origin of the money.

Acting ABF Regional Commander NSW, Tony McSweeney, said this should serve as a “warning” to those who think they can carry large quantities of cash across borders without declaring it.

“Anyone carrying more than $10,000 in cash in or out of Australia is required, by law, to declare it to an ABF officer or risk having it seized,” Commander McSweeney said.

AFP Airport Police Commander, Detective Acting Superintendent Simone O’Mahony, reminded travellers that there are no fees charged once currency is reported.

“We urge all travellers at international airports to come forward and declare cash as there are no fees associated with the process – if you let a Border official know and fill out the correct form, you will be allowed to travel with the cash,” Detective acting Superintendent O’Mahony said.

“If you instead choose to run the risk and not report it, you may have the cash seized, be fined up to $105,000, or could potentially face imprisonment up to a maximum of two years.”