Man charged after BASE jumping off crane in Darling Harbour

A MAN has been charged after he was caught base jumping off a crane in Darling Harbour this morning.

Police allege the 24-year-old French National broke into a construction site on Wheat Road around 3.15am.

The man then allegedly climbed to the top of a crane and prepared his BASE jumping equipment, including a parachute and recording device, before jumping.


“It is believed that he parachuted over several lanes of traffic and Darling Harbour for a short time, before landing on Darling Drive in Pyrmont,” NSW police said in a statement.

The man was apprehended by Darling Harbour Rangers before being taken into custody by police.

He was charged with enter enclosed land and risk safety of other by abseiling/jumping off building/structure.

He’s due to appear at Downing Centre Local Court on Wednesday 17 October.