Man charged after telling mate to help him break into Gold Coast unit

A man’s been charged after his mate scaled a building in Southport overnight, trying to break in.

It’s understood the man was an evicted tenant of the unit block on Scarborough Street, and had already tried himself to break through the front door.

He told his mate that he was just locked out, not that he’d been evicted, before his mate then climbed the exterior of the building around 9.00pm.


He made it to the balcony of the third storey unit, before police arrived.

Fire fighters were called in to bring him back down, because the balcony door was locked.

Both men were taken in for questioning, with the mate let go.

The former tenant has been charged with one count of wilful damage, one count of unlawful possession of a controlled drug, and one count public nuisance.

He’ll front court on August 15.

PHOTO | Supplied