Man charged over betting scam after police raid Gold Coast hotel room

A young man has been arrested on the Gold Coast over a betting scam, which allegedly saw him exploit a corporate bookmaker’s cash back promotional offer.

The 23-year-old, who police say is from Victoria, was taken into custody after officers recovered almost $18,000 in cash, more than $90,000 in betting credits, devices used to facilitate the offence and bank cards in a search of his car and Surfer’s Paradise hotel room.

The Queensland Racing Crime Squad allege the man exploited the promotion which provides cashback for losing win bets when a horse places second or third, with returns paid in credits.


The man has since been charged with a single Federal charge of dealing with property reasonably suspected of being the proceeds of crime and has been given notice to appear at Southport Magistrates Court on November 5.

Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said the incident highlighted the “close working relationship” between corporate bookmakers and the Commission.

“The sharing of information associated with illegal betting activity is beneficial to the Commission, the corporate bookmaker and to the betting public who follow the rules,” he said.

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Jesus? The criminals are the people who market this easily accessible 24/7 gamble on anything, anywhere aimed at those who they know are going to be hooked. These evil legalised family destroying magnates have no souls just lots of money to influence those who regulate an industry with “no borders.” Suicide is a regular customer in this industry. The only ones who don’t pay the ultimate price are the ones getting paid the most. Well I hope there’s a God and he avenges all those people who laughing the loudest. This guy has bucked the system a few pennies. He is a saint compared to the real evil that has the filthy, blood stained cash in their gold money clips. Enjoy the water in the deep end I am told it’s really warm. ?