Man charged with throwing firecracker on stage at Shannon Noll concert

A man has been charged after he allegedly threw a firecracker on stage at a Shannon Noll concert last month.

The incident, which Shannon Noll described as “completely idiotic”, occurred about 10.30pm on Friday 28 July, when the band was playing at a club on Sportsman Way in South West Rocks.

“On noticing the firecracker, a band member attempted to extinguish the wick with his foot; however, the ‘bunger’ exploded, burning a hole in his shoe,” police said in a statement.


“He sustained superficial burns to his foot and was treated at the scene before being taken to Kempsey District Hospital for further treatment”.

Following investigations into the incident, police yesterday arrested and charged a 27-year-old man with affray and negligently handle explosive to cause a person injury.

He was given bail and is due to appear in Kempsey Local Court on 25 September.