Man crawled into burning Tallai house to save neighbour

A MAN crawled on his hands and knees into a burning home in a desperate bid to ensure no one was trapped inside as it was engulfed by flames yesterday.

The Bulletin reports, Toney Seres braved thick smoke and fire to search for a man residents feared was trapped inside the Uplands Court home at Tallai.

“I heard screaming about 6.20am. We live up the back behind the house and then I came running down because I could hear them yelling for help,” Mr Seres said.


“I quickly tried to find out if Joe, the husband, and their dog were still in the house because there were only the two ladies out the front.

“They weren’t sure, they were a bit confused.”

Mr Seres could see the fire was taking hold as smoke poured from the building and knew he had to act.

“I had a look inside, but there was just too much smoke and flames. I went through the front door to the landing … there were flames coming up from downstairs.

“The only way I could see anything was by lying on the floor. The smoke was so thick.”

The intense blaze forced Mr Seres out of the two-storey home as they realised homeowner Joe Dean had taken his dog Buddha out for his morning walk.

“We realised he was safe so I grabbed the garden hose and I tried to stop the fire getting to the big gas cylinders around the side of the house.

“The heat was just too much, the fire was right next to the gas bottle.

“We had to walk away from it and leave it for the firies.”

Original article written by Robyn Wuth, To read it in full, head to the Gold Coast Bulletin website.

House fire - Tallai - House

Tallai home completely destroyed after bursting into flames on Sunday morning. IMAGE: Tom Delaney SOURCE: Supplied