Man dead, teen fighting for life after separate train accidents

Police are looking into reports, a car was seen being driven erratically shortly before it was hit by a train at a level crossing in Victoria’s east.

A 17-year-old male driver and 19-year-old female passenger were trapped in the car for an hour before being freed by emergency crews.

The boy is fighting for his life in Royal Melbourne Hospital with injuries to his head, chest and pelvis.


Witnesses say the collision, between the Traralgon-bound V-Line train and car, happened around 6.30pm on Friday in Bairnsdale.

The train was crossing Ligar Street, which has no boom gates to bar traffic at the crossing, only light and sound signals.

Incredibly, the woman was not seriously injured but was treated for shock.

While, in Sydney a man died after he got caught between a train and the platform.

It’s believed the 37-year-old lost his balance and appeared to stumble as the train was pulling in to Sydenham station late on Friday night.

He died at the scene.