Man dies from COVID-19 in Queensland

QUEENSLAND has confirmed a man has died from complications from COVID-19.

The Australian man, who was aged in his 80’s, arrived in Queensland from the Philippines on the 20th of March.

He returned a positive test while in hotel quarantine on the 25th of March and has been battling the virus in the Prince Charles Hospital ever since.


Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, Doctor Jeanette Young, confirmed the man passed away in hospital late yesterday.

“He returned to Australia from the Philippines on the 20th of March, tested positive on the 25th of March, was admitted to the Prince Charles Hospital for care, and then passed away late yesterday,” Dr Young said.

“So, that is, of course, very sad news for his family and his friends.”

It’s understood the man had transited through Papua New Guinea but he is believed to have acquired the virus in the Philippines.

His death will be counted in official figures as he was diagnosed in Queensland. There have now been seven deaths recorded in the state.

Dr Young said the news was a reminder of the importance of getting vaccinated.

“There is the new advice going forward, of course, that anyone under 50 should preferentially be offered the Pfizer vaccine if it’s available,” she said.

“But it doesn’t stop people getting the AstraZeneca vaccine if they’re under 50 and they feel that their circumstances are
such that they would prefer to immediately get vaccinated rather than wait for the potential to get the Pfizer vaccine.

“Anyone who’s 50 years of age or over, and when they’re offered the vaccine because they’re in the relevant priority group, they should be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“That’s very important.”

There were no new local cases recorded overnight. Two other cases were detected in hotel quarantine.

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In his eighties so what other medical conditions did he have. Why don’t the media and government report all medical conditions? More to the point why do government’s only make mention of the china virus to keep the scare campaign going.

Oh so being transparent is a scare campaign?

No hiding all other contributing medical conditions is a scare campaign in full action