Research reveals ‘man flu’ actually exists

A new survey has revealed that “man flu” is actually a real thing.

Data gathered by Medibank shows that more men were struck down with influenza last year than women. In 2015, 21 per cent of men suffered with the flu while just 19 per cent of women came down with it.

Medibank’s medical director Dr Kevin Cheng told The Huffington Post Australia that not only are men more likely to get the flu than women, they will also suffer more severe symptoms.


“Studies tell us testosterone potentially weakens the immune response in men at a cellular level, while the female oestrogen hormone has been found to hold anti-viral qualities that could help women limit the replication of the virus in the body,” he said

The research also revealed that males with a higher testosterone level may also have a weaker response to flu vaccinations.

When it comes to the common cold however, women are worse off with more females (48 per cent) suffering from the cold than males (43 per cent).