Man found alive, six days after going missing in Gold Coast hinterland

UPDATE: A man who went missing after setting off alone on a walk through the Gold Coast hinterland six days ago has been found alive.

The Logan man phoned police on Saturday night, saying he had become lost after setting off on a walk through the Lamington National Park.

He was reportedly holidaying with his family when he ventured off on his own and lost his on the Running Creek Falls walking track.


He told officers he had a couple of bottles of water and a few sandwiches with him.

The man’s desperate call sparked a massive search and rescue operation which spanned five days and involved dozens of police, State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers and helicopter crews.

He was told to stay in his position until rescue crews could reach him, but when they arrived the next morning, the man could not be found.

After spending five chilly nights alone and exposed to near freezing temperatures in the forest, he was found alive on Thursday morning.

Police confirmed the news just before midday, saying the man had been found “safe and well”.

Despite his ordeal, the man was found in good health with only minor scratches.

It’s understood he is now being assessed by doctors at a hospital in Logan.

The last four nights and mornings in particular have been awfully cold in the hinterland, with the mercury dipping into the single digits.

Temperatures at Running Creek fell to a near freezing 1.8 degrees on Wednesday morning.

Fortunately, though, the days have been much nicer, with sunny skies and top temperatures of 27-28 degrees.